A blog about film, art and the Bay Area jazz scene:

Film:  The film essays that appear here are not meant to be reviews, but rather some attempt at an analysis of the film’s content. They assume that you’ve seen the film and they contain spoilers. The idea is that film, in my opinion, is one of the great modern art forms, yet unlike literature or painting, it rarely gets treated with the same seriousness. Film is, in many ways, a combination of the arts of writing, visual styles, music and sound, and a new, unique craft, editing. These essays try to look at the film as a coherent work of the director, where all of these elements are taken together to frame and support the themes of the film.

Jazz:  Mostly, this is a journal of shows I go to in the Bay Area – it’s like a partial chronicle of the Bay Area jazz scene, big shows and small.

Art:  All of the arts present extraordinary alternatives and insights into a world that has become extremely fast and often lacking in contemplation. I spend a great deal of my time painting, and I wanted to have some space for essays concerning the world of art, paintings that matter, and things that just seem interesting.