Chez Hanny, SF

October 14, 2012



The week continues. A great day – a Sunday that felt like a day in NY. I had a ticket to go see Danilo Perez Trio at the Conservatory that started at 7, and I haven’t been to Chez Hanny in a long time, so I decided to go for gluttony and hit Hanny at 4 for this trio, then bolt over just in time to make Danilo. Perfectly timed, and dodging crazy Bay Area 49er’s and Giants playoff traffic (uhgg), I literally ran from Hanny’s at the first clap at the end of the last tune. Closely timed events and multiple jazz shows in one day – great NY vibe to it all (and a sence of what would be my rapid demise if I ever lived there).

I never heard Kolker before, or McLaughlin either, but the trio sounded intriguing, and I’ve gone from never hearing of Denson to seeing him 3 times in the past 6 months – he’s a heck of a bassist, good song writer and seems to be involved with a number of top players. Kolker is a nice tenor player – solid originals, nice sound and good trio playing – and the drummer played well throughout. Some nice standards – opened with I Hear A Rhapsody, then, later, a nice grooved, good take on Monk’s Let’s Call This.  The 2nd set was substantially better – tighter playing from the three of them and more urgency in Kolker’s playing. Great Oska T (Monk) to open; awesome All The Things You Are with an excellent tenor solo, and Denson with a very good bass solo (seasoned solo – he’s been playing with Lee Konitz’s band, and I think Lee often plays this).  Very cool, off-kilter and awkward We See (Monk again), and then a great mid-tempo take on Wayne Shorter’s Dance Cadaverous (yesss – for all the standards and Monk stuff, it’s always heartwarming to see players cover Wayne, who seems, possibly more than anyone, to be the foundation builder for so much of modern jazz). An original Kolker blues, and a nice Alone Together to end. Hilarious intro on the blues – Kolker ‘Let’s play a blues’; Denson ‘Mine or yours?’; Kolker ‘Mine. Let’s talk about MY problems… MY gig, MY problems.’

1st set

1. I Hear A Rhapsody

2. In Or Out

3. Let’s Call This

4. Body And Soul

5. Nash

2nd set

1. Oskar T

2. All The Things You Are

3. We See

4. Dance Cadaverous

5. Kevin’s Birthday Blues

6. Alone Together

ADAM KOLKER – tenor sax